With the Golf VIII, Volkswagen promises an entirely new digital experience – but the new model also scores with its classic virtues. The handling and driving experience is first-class and the direct steering, in particular, lends a sporty feel. ABT Sportsline now presents the first matching tuning products. Ever since the first options for the Golf 1 during the 1970s, the Bavarian company has accompanied every generation of Golf with a comprehensive program. Both then and now, lowering is essential to create a sporty appearance. ABT suspension springs reduce the chassis clearance of the Golf VIII all round by between 25 and 30 mm, depending upon engine and specification. By doing this, not only is the handling improved, but the Golf also takes on a significantly more sporty appearance. The set is also suitable for cars with adaptive chassis control (DCC).


Lowering also creates the perfect opportunity to showcase the range of alloy wheels from the world's largest tuner of VW and Audi vehicles. As such, the first three available designs come into their own in the wheel arches. The silver ABT ER-C is available in 18 or 19-inch sizes with tire options of 225/40 R18 or 225/35 R19. The elegant designed FR-C rim features an impressive, diamond-machined wheel body in mystic black. The distinctive wheel for the Golf VIII is available in 20-inch exclusively and with the option of 235/30 R20 tires. The same sizes apply to the especially dynamic ABT Sport GR with its diamond-machined, matt black finish.


Altogether, the listed components are a smaller taster of the final program built around the Wolfsburg best-seller. By summer at the latest, ABT Sportsline will also be able to provide a range of performance upgrades for the petrol and diesel engines.

Gallery: ABT Golf VIII (2020)