Ford SYNus Concept

The SYNUS is a concept car Ford Motor Company produced under the Ford brand. The SYNUS shares its powertrain design with the Ford Mondeo. The SYNUS' engine is a diesel powered, 16 valve, turbocharged, 2 liter Duratorq TDCi I-4 with a double overhead cam design that produces 134 horsepower (100 kW). The SYNUS has a five-speed manual transmission. Its wheels are 18 inches (457 mm) in diameter. It has an IEEE 802.11g compliant wireless LAN hub. The SYNUS d├ębuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show.

2005 Ford SYNus Concept Front Angle

The SYNUS' unique features mimic the modern obsession with safety. The synus (pronunced sin-you-us) has a bullet resistant frame with bulletproof glass windows. Also, it has no rear window, but a large LCD monitor filling the back. Ford claims they built it inspired by bank vaults and that is reflected in its designed, the doors open with a vault-like wheel. Also, when in "lockdown mode" steel shutters close around the rear windows.

Source: Wikipedia

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