Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic Methane

Previously made up of the 69 HP Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 Fire EVO II and the 120 HP Delta 1.4 (the only LPG turbo engine in the segment), the Lancia Ecochic range was joined last January by a methane-fuelled Ypsilon, powered by the innovative 80 HP TwinAir turbo engine recently voted "Green Engine Of the Year" by a jury of international experts.

Following a great commercial success in Italy, where Ecochic versions currently account for around half the sales of Ypsilon and Delta models, Lancia has decided to launch its LPG models in Spain and its methane models in Holland too.

The Ypsilon Ecochic Methane combines all the economic and ecological benefits of methane fuel with the power and driving pleasure of a Turbo TwinAir engine. When running on methane, this engine boasts extremely low CO2 emissions (86 g/km) and fuel consumption (3.1 kg/100 km in the combined cycle during homologation).

2013 Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic Methane Front Angle

Methane offers far lower running costs per kilometre than petrol, so much so that you can drive for double the distance for the same money. In Italy, for example, it costs less than 12 Euros to fill up with methane.  Thanks to its two fuel tanks, the Ypsilon Ecochic Methane boasts an overall autonomy (methane+petrol) of 950 km in the combined cycle and 1300 km in the extra-urban cycle.

Neither do the benefits of methane stop with consumption. In addition to money-saving considerations, methane powered vehicles benefit the environment. Natural methane gas does not generate particulates, for example. Compared to diesel fuel, methane also produces 90% less nitrogen oxides. Compared to petrol, it produces 75% less unburned hydrocarbons, around 50% less nitrogen oxides and 23% less CO2. These reasons combine to allow methane-fuelled vehicles free access to city centre areas that are off-limits to conventional vehicles for environmental reasons. In short, clean and economical methane fuel means less pollution and greater mobility.

Finally, compared to aftermarket conversions, standard equipment (OEM) gas fuel systems like those installed on Lancia's Ecochic Methane and Ecochic LPG models offer a number of advantages. First of all, the use of specific materials and components and the application of dedicated technology enable the customer to benefit from a full Lancia warranty. Secondly, because the chassis is specially modified in the factory, the vehicle boasts the highest levels of comfort and safety, ensured by rigorous testing of all parts of the system. Thanks to this guaranteed safety, Lancia's latest LPG models can even be parked in basement car parks.

Source: Lancia

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