Mazda 6 AWD

Superior driving performance, excellent comfort, generous interior space, optimal traction and high levels of driving safety—these are the qualities that characterize the newest model in the Mazda6 range. With its smooth and powerful 2.3-litre engine, modern five-speed automatic transmission, and permanent all-wheel drive transmission technology, the Mazda6 AWD is a worthy leader for the successful Mazda6 line-up.

With its dynamic visual and technical attributes, Mazda6 meets the needs of demanding drivers of mid-sized cars. But some customers want even more: more comfort, more traction and more active safety features. It is for these drivers that Mazda developed the AWD.

For this all-wheel drive model, the power is transmitted permanently to the road surface via all four wheels, which provides optimal traction on wet, slippery roads, and enhances both safety and driving enjoyment. An electronic system distributes power output between the front and rear axles according to driving behaviour and surface characteristics, thus optimizing driving stability and fuel consumption.

2002 Mazda 6 AWD Front Angle

Mazda6 AWD's new five-speed "activematic" automatic transmission provides the ideal combination of refinement and sportiness. Activematic's first three gears are relatively short, to provide dynamic acceleration. Gears four and five are clearly longer, contributing to lower noise levels and reduced fuel consumption. If the driver chooses to shift manually a second shift gutter is available that operates simply by touching the gear lever. A special sensor constantly monitors the tilt angle of the vehicle and is integrated into the control electronics of the transmission system to provide additional driving comfort. This system not only effectively prevents sudden shifting on long upgrades, it automatically selects a lower gear on downhill stretches and supplies major support for the braking system.

The exterior design of the Mazda6 AWD is nearly identical to that of the Mazda6 Sport Estate. Its five-point grille, the striking air intake openings in the front bumper spoiler and the elegantly thin headlamps of clear glass emphasize its sporty character, as do its silhouette with relatively acute angle of the rear window and black B-pillar. The rear end design of the car is dominated by the rear lamps—similar in design to the front headlamps— and which wrap around into the side body and form a visual link between the boot trim panel and the rear side panelling.

The interior has been designed in typical Mazda6 style. The dimensions of passenger and luggage compartment are more generous than its sporty appearance indicates. The use of tastefully chosen, high quality materials, aesthetic and functional dials and gauges, as well as the comfortably firm upholstery of the seats, form the basis for an interior ambience that ensures that driver and passengers are comfortable on long journeys. There is also plenty of space for luggage. The Mazda6 AWD offers a capacity of 490 litres, which can be expanded to 1697 litres once the rear seats are folded. The interior measurements of the load space are equally impressive with a length of 1906 mm and width of 1365 mm, to make it one of the largest in this class.

This has been achieved by the use of the patented Mazda E-type multi-link rear axle that combines with the front axle assembly with double A-arms to deliver outstanding road holding capabilities. The car's wide wheel track and its low centre of gravity ensure sporty handling characteristics, while the car's precise steering transmits a reassuringly direct contact to the driving surface, both on the motorway and on twisting country roads. Highly efficient brakes make the Mazda6 one of the best in its class for brake deceleration.

The Mazda6 AWD is powered by the 119 kW (162 hp) 2.3-litre petrol engine, which employs sequential valve timing (S-VT) to optimise power output, fuel consumption and emissions, as well as the engine's torque characteristics. Two balancer shafts help the four cylinder unit to provide optimal operating smoothness.

The Mazda6 AWD has outstanding safety attributes, including an extremely rigid safety cell which is an ingenious system for the distribution and absorption of collision energy. Passive safety features include front airbags, front side airbags and so-called head and shoulder airbags which protect passengers in the front and rear of the vehicle against injuries in side impact collisions. Active safety features include a modern, four-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD), brake assistance (EBA), dynamic stability control (DSC) and automatic ride-height control.

Source: Mazda

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