Peugeot 407 Prologue Concept

Peugeot is delighted to present its latest concept car, the 407 Prologue Coupé - a model in keeping with a tradition of large, stylish coupés manufactured by the Marque. The exclusive design of this elegant car gives it an assertive look, placing it naturally alongside the highly successful 407 saloons and SWs renowned already for their expressive style.

From a range of proposals, the project created by the Peugeot Style Centre was chosen, due to its fluid lines that give the car a powerful look, refinement and elegance. The emotions it arouses are the result of its particularly feline appearance, with its taut flanks and solid rear aspect seemingly ready to pounce. Class and power are also portrayed by the simple aerodynamic front, blending gracefully into a generously dimensioned and image-enhancing passenger compartment. The car's fluid profile runs from the steeply inclined front windscreen to the rear of the passenger compartment and the boot, complete with spoiler. The taut lines of the lower rear panel visually project the car forward.

2005 Peugeot 407 Prologue Concept Front Angle

The sculptural personality of this concept car accentuates the aesthetic qualities first seen on the 407 range and emphasises the harmony between its dynamic personality – enhanced further by larger diameter wheels – and a balanced geometry that is naturally reassuring thanks to its refined style.

The front of the vehicle consists of a two-piece air intake; a chrome-plated grille inserted in to the aerodynamic housing adds width to the visual perception. The main lights, are wide and generously dimensioned, featuring directional headlamps, while additional fog lamps and three side "vents", add expression to the lower front panel.
Extending from the bottom of the headlamp units, the long bonnet is shaped by an upper waist line running through the front windscreen pillar and as far as the rear bumper, where it highlights the edge of the side and rear panel. Still viewed from the side; a second waist line level with the side windows, exaggerating the headlamps, runs down the full length of the car. It disappears naturally at the junction between the rear quarter panel and the rear screen. Finally, a third line runs from the front wheel arch laterally to the rear of the car adjacent to the brake lights. This gives added dynamism to the silhouette, which also features a pronounced "flame" on the body sill. The harmony of the 407 Prologue Coupé is affirmed even more by the inclusion of body-coloured side mouldings, door mirrors and front and rear lower panels.

The rear spoiler, integrated in the boot, tapers smoothly into each wing. The rear lights add width to the car, particularly on account of the horizontal lower boot panel that naturally reflects light. In the bottom section of the rear bumper, a wide black panel simulates a "fan" and supports the number plate. It visually lightens the rear of the vehicle and, on the left-hand side, forms a recess housing the dual chrome-plated exhaust pipes.

Its 19'' alloy wheels have a design reminiscent of the RC concept cars, resembling two superposed "propellers". The passenger compartment of the 407 Prologue Coupé evokes a real sense of driving pleasure and comes with four full-sized seats offering generous space and an exceptional level of natural light to each passenger. The stylised interior gives its occupants a true taste of the Touring Car experience and incorporates quality materials.

This concept car features aluminium, red leather on the fascia panel (very 407) and, for the seat cushions, a finely perforated leather. The centre console has a black lacquer finish. The five-dial instrument panel is reminiscent of the refined world of watchmaking, with its "chronograph" graduations and "concentric" graphic style.

The 407 Prologue Coupé is powered by a V6 HDi Diesel engine featuring a maintenancefree particle emission filter. It develops a maximum power of 150 kW (more than 200 bhp), with a maximum torque of 440 Nm.

It is combined with a 6-speed automatic gearbox with a ‘Porsche' Tiptronic control system. The suspension is directly derived from the 407 range with, at the front, a double wishbone and drop link, and at the rear the latest-generation multi-arm system. Standard equipment includes directional xenon main headlamps, front and rear parking assistance, laminated side windows and RT3 telematics with a 7-inch, 16/9 colour display. The 407 Prologue Coupé is a symbol dedicated entirely too motoring enjoyment and true driving pleasure.

Source: Peugeot

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