Renault Monasix

The Monasix was Renault's 1st mid-range vehicle to be powered by a 6-cylinder engine. It was also the most spacious saloon in its category, but that didn't mean it was expensive to run.

Economical and safe

On the contrary: it was particularly economical, with very moderate fuel consumption, oil consumption 3 times lower than other vehicles, and low maintenance costs. Safety features, as from 1928, included mechanical power brakes, previously found only on much more expensive models.

1928 Renault Monasix Front Angle

The Monasix was also a very rugged car, which made it eminently suitable for use as a taxi: 5,000 Monasix taxis would cover 188 million kilometres over a period of just 2 years.

Sporty and adventurous

Rugged design was perfectly compatible with sporting temperament, as proved by racing honours such as first 2 places in the 1928 Morocco Rally at an average speed of 91 kph, which is quite remarkable when we consider the condition of Moroccan roads and tracks at the time. The Monasix was available in 5 versions, ranging from a 4-seater faux cabriolet with covered cockpit through to the Torp├ędo. True to its reputation as a pioneer in passenger comfort, the Monasix introduced an adjustable-length rear bench in 1931.

Source: Renault

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