Volkswagen Golf Plus

Volkswagen is expanding its model spectrum with a new Golf dimension: the Golf Plus. A second, an additional, a different Golf. With added extras in terms of bodywork and seating height, interior space, variability and functionality. Tailored, point by point, to the needs of our time. Premièred for the first time ever at the Bologna Motorshow. Market début in Germany: end of January 2005. The Golf Plus is positioned as a progressive all-round vehicle of a new vehicle generation.

Higher than the Golf and lower than the Touran

Dimensions and Design: Although instantly recognisable as a Golf on first sight, the stylistic details overflow with independence and open up a completely new Golf perspective. The starting point? The height: with its 1.58 metres, the Golf Plus surpasses the Golf by exactly 95 millimetres, but remains 5.4 centimetres below the Touran. The Golf Plus is immediately recognisable as a Golf through the characteristic radiator grille, the front wing and the bonnet, the C-pillar, the bumper and the large hatch back design. For the Golf Plus is a further developed version of the original Golf design and no mere reflection. The designers of the Golf Plus re-created doors, bonnet, bumper, wing, roof, headlights and tail-lights for the new model.

2005 Volkswagen Golf Plus Front Angle

Multi-functional seating system

Perfection in Detail: The cleverly-designed Golf Plus fittings include, among other things, a rear seating system which can be shifted lengthways by 160 millimetres by means of a new folding kinematic system. This method automatically causes the seating area to be lowered as soon as the backs of the asymmetrically adjustable, divisible seats have been folded down; resulting in a nearly level storage area. Up to 43 possibilities for storage and attachment and a height-adjustable storage surface in the boot (with dual-position adjustment) pave an easier way through automobile everyday life.

Variable middle back seat: If you don't require the middle seat as such, but could use it for additional storage space, you can just put down the back, and a table with drinks holders appears simultaneously. If desired, this can be transformed into the middle arm-rest with the help of an inserted module. The third variation on this theme: the arm rest becomes a large multi-functional box, again via module insertion.

Seating height: The differences between Golf and Golf Plus perhaps become most visible as regards the seating positions. In contrast to the Golf, the "Plus" version proves significantly more upright wherever you happen to be placed. Moreover, a total of 1.007 millimetres inner height in front ensure that even the tallest of us can banish all fears of making unwanted contact with the roof lining; and at the rear the corresponding measurement is still a spacious 976 millimetres.

Completely newly-designed interior with independent fittings

Interior: When casting an eye over the interior, it becomes clear, as is the case with the bodywork, that Volkswagen has succeeded in putting what is, in many respects, a completely new car on the road. For example, the development department created a new fittings support system tailored to the vehicle's increased height. These wide-ranging modifications run through the entire interior, affecting gear tunnel and console, middle arm-rest and passenger area, door trims and seating.

Boot: The boot storage capacity can be varied between a minimum of 395 litres and a maximum of 505 litres, this depending on the way the rear seats are placed - comprehensible when you envisage the unlimited use of all five seats. If the rear seat backs are completely lowered, you are presented with up to 1,450 litres storage capacity. The floor of the boot also proves flexible and adjustable. Raised to the higher of two levels, an expansive storage space opens up beneath it.

Rear Seat Entertainment: In the vehicle's top-of-the-range version with arm-rest, the console between the front seats offers a coolable storage compartment (in the case of air conditioned vehicles) and the possibility to integrate the optional CD-changer or DVD player from the Rear Seat Entertainment range from Volkswagen Individual. Another optional innovation in the Golf class: the middle console can be ordered with a 230 volt connector, capable of recharging your laptop's storage battery or other devices.

Design Lines: Like the Golf, the Golf Plus will also be available in design lines Trendline, Comfortline und Sportline. The Trendline model only marks the creative start. The Comfortline version offers a plus in terms of exclusivity. In contrast, the Golf Plus Sportline is dynamism personified. Air conditioning is standard with Golf Plus Comfortline and Sportline models.

LED-tail-lights and active curve lights

Active and passive safety: Apart from ESP and various airbags, an added safety standard making its début in the Golf class is the particularly quick-response integrated LED tail-lights. And during the first half of 2005, the Golf Plus will also be available with active curve lights, whose beams always follow the street radius.

Let's start with...four engines - two petrol, two diesel

Engines: In its opening phases, the Golf Plus will be available with two petrol and two diesel engines (TDI). The basis is formed by the 1.4 l petrol engine with 55 kW / 75 h.p., with the 1.6 FSI - with homogenous direct petrol injection, capable of 85 kW / 115 h.p. and designed for use with 95 ROZ super fuel. The two TDI can reach speeds of 77 kW / 105 h.p. and 103 kW / 140 h.p. respectively. During the first six months of 2005, the set will be rounded off by a 1.6 l Otto engine with 75 kW/ 102 h.p., a 2.0 FSI with 110 kW / 150 h.p. and a TDI with 66 kW / 90 h.p.. All engines comply with the EU4 norm. And, in addition to the manual five-gear and six-gear systems, Volkswagen also offers an automatic six-gear system (tiptronic) and the double clutch DSG system for the Golf plus. The tiptronic is used with petrol engines, while the DSG is put to work in diesel engines.

Source: Volkswagen

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