Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

More distinctive style, thrilling performance and state-of-the art technology: the new Giulietta Sprint represents the true "Alfa Spirit", a masterly blend of values and content - according to the principles of "Lightness & Efficiency", "Italian Style", "Advanced Technology" and "Dynamics" - that make Alfa Romeo cars absolutely unique.

The resulting car is a 100% Alfa Romeo, able to offer "authentic sensations", breaking out of the realm of the necessary to that of emotion: from aesthetics to passion for refined technology and from the pleasure found behind a wheel to the expression of personality.

The Giulietta Sprint has been on sale in Italy from last week and it will be rolled out progressively in the rest of Europe.

Italian Style: attention to detail and choice of high-quality materials

The new Giulietta Sprint comes with an exclusive sports "outfit" distinguished by the dedicated badge and some distinctive elements such as the rear bumper with sports extractor, oversized tailpipes and 17'' Sprint alloy wheel with 5 holes (18" on request). The exterior styling of the new version is completed by the tinted rear windows and glossy anthracite finishes on the front grille, handles, rear-view mirror fairings and fog light frames.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Front Angle

Attention was paid to details and high-quality materials were chosen to represent the ultimate expression of Italian style. In particular, the black sports trim stands out, enhanced by the fabric and Alcantara Sprint seats with red stitching and logo on the headrests. Another standard feature is the leather-covered steering wheel with red stitching, while the dashboard and door panels have a sophisticated, carbon-coloured finish.

The sporty character of the Giulietta Sprint is also expressed in the black roof lining and the velvet mats. And when you work with Italian Style, nothing is left to chance: this explains that inimitable personality that lets us instantly tell a car with an Alfa Romeo shield from all the others we come across on everyday roads.

"Lightness & Efficiency": rear sports bumper and side skirts

In order to improve the already excellent aerodynamic efficiency of the model, the new Sprint version offers a rear sports bumper with extractor and side skirts. Together with the rigid, light structure made using materials such as aluminium and high-strength steels as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, they ensure excellent dynamic performance in perfect harmony with the winning combination of "lightness and efficiency".

"Advanced Technology": new 150 HP 1.4 MultiAir engine

The Giulietta Sprint sees the début of the new 150 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Petrol, a powerful and reliable engine which is a superb expression of the new Sprint version's sporting spirit. With this equipment, the car can achieve a top speed of 201 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 in 8.2 seconds.  Absolutely outstanding performance together with extremely limited consumption and emissions: suffice it to say that, in the combined cycle, the recorded figures are 5.7 l/100 km and 131 g/km of CO2 respectively (the adoption of ECO tyres, available depending on the market, permits a further reduction to 5.6 l/100 km and 129 g/km).

At the heart of MultiAir is a new electrohydraulic valve management system that allows a reduction in fuel consumption (by controlling air directly via the engine intake valves, without using the throttle) and harmful emissions (via combustion control). MultiAir is also a versatile technology that fittingly represents the concept of "downsizing" applied to the new generation of engines.

In addition to the brand new 150 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Petrol, the Giulietta Sprint can be equipped with a further five engines: the 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Petrol 170 HP - with Alfa TCT twin clutch automatic transmission - and the 1.6 JTDM 105 HP, 2.0 JTDM 150 HP and 2.0 JTDM 175 HP turbo diesel engines, the latter also with Alfa TCT, as well as the 120 HP 1.4 Turbo LPG. An offer of power and technology that combines high-level performance with respect for the environment and limited running costs.

"Dynamics": the utmost driving pleasure

The Giulietta has assumed a place in the tradition of the best Alfa Romeo models, drawing on its heritage of dynamic performance, without compromising on efficiency and convenience in everyday use. The secret behind this performance is continuous technological research, which finds its utmost expression in the Giulietta. This is demonstrated by the "Compact" architecture - created with high-resistance materials which allowed the weight of the structure to be limited - in addition to the Dual Pinion active steering and the sophisticated suspension configurations (MacPherson at the front and the advanced Multilink at the rear).

Furthermore, driving satisfaction and comfort adapt to meet every customer's specific needs thanks to the Alfa DNA selector, a device that customises the vehicle's behaviour to suit different road conditions and driving styles. The new architecture of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was designed to integrate the vehicle's different systems and exploit them to the full, thus emphasising the three set-up functions (Dynamic, Normal and All Weather) available through the Alfa DNA selector. The device, fitted as standard on the entire range, is designed to modify the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering system and Q2 electronic differential, in addition to the behaviour logic of the ESC system.

Finally, the new Giulietta Sprint can also adopt the latest Alfa TCT twin dry clutch automatic transmission - combined with the 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Petrol 170 HP and 2.0 JTDM 175 HP engines - which ensures greater efficiency, driving comfort and sports feel than automatic transmissions with torque converter.

"Advanced Technology": class-leading safety

The new Giulietta Sprint is one of the safest cars in its category, which turns the tables for those who think that safety detracts from performance. In addition to the undisputed dynamic characteristics of the model, it features plenty of standard equipment, such as six airbags, ESP, three-point seat belts with double pretensioner, anti-whiplash system and third load line for excellent passenger compartment protection.

These are followed - again as standard - by certain systems which are unique in this category, such as Alfa DNA with electronic Q2 differential, the system which allows torque to be transferred to the outer wheel when cornering, to prevent understeer at the front, with benefits for the car in terms of traction, safety and driveability. And there's more: DST, which prompts drivers to correct their driving in the event of an emergency through impulses at the wheel. Finally, the Pre-fill system guarantees maximum promptness during emergency braking. All these features translate into an extremely high active and passive safety level. The Giulietta earned five stars in crash tests according to the stricter parameters introduced by Euro NCAP from its launch, scoring 97% for adult passenger protection, one of the highest scores in the category.

"Advanced Technology": the innovative Uconnect infotainment system  

"Embedded" in the middle of the new Sprint's dashboard, above the DNA selector and the dual zone automatic climate control, is the innovative Uconnect multimedia device with 5" touchscreen and complete with Bluetooth connection for hands-free operation and streaming audio, Aux-in connector, USB port, voice commands, SMS reader and, in the 6.5'' version, satellite navigation with 3D bird's eye view maps, progressive route guidance and the 'One Step Voice Entry Destination' function for entering the required destination with voice commands, as well the DAB device, for listening to digital-quality radio.

Both systems have been developed in collaboration with first-class partners: Harman and Here Auto for Uconnect 6.5" and Continental for Uconnect 5".

In detail, the Uconnect system lets you access all the main functions, from the analogue and digital radio (DAB) - on request for the 5" version, standard on the 6.5" version - through to all the main multimedia resources (mediaplayer, iPod, iPhone, smartphone) which can be connected via USB port or Aux-in socket. The system also includes an advanced Bluetooth interface to access extra functions, such as phone call management or reading received SMS text messages via text-to-speech technology, innovative Audio Streaming system that reproduces music files and web radio stations directly from a smartphone in streaming via Bluetooth through the audio system.

Source: Alfa Romeo

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