Eibach Ford Focus Sedan

The latest Ford Focus generation is very balanced. Now, Eibach's Performance Suspension Components emphasize its handling.

The Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs lower the car's centre of gravity, which results in a sporty but comfortable handling. In visual terms, this gives the Focus a flatter body stance while keeping the dynamic and elegant appearance.

2015 Eibach Ford Focus Sedan Front Angle

The total package is called Eibach B12 Performance Suspension System, now available for more than 1200 applications. The B12 Pro-Kit exists of Eibach Performance Springs and specially adapted Bilstein Performance Dampers with gas pressure technology. With this package, you get a suspension system with a progressive characteristic, unparalled harmony and excellent dynamics.

If you want an individual height adjustment for your Focus, you should choose the Eibach Pro-Street-S Coil-Overs, made of stainless steel. With this product, you can define the ideal balance between sportiness and comfort yourself.

Any suspension can be rounded off with the Eibach Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacers. These make the Focus appear even more "muscular" - a really compact power pack.

All Eibach Suspension Components, which are available through authorised dealers, are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection and come with certified documentation.

Source: Eibach

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