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The new Range Rover generation for model year 2013 represents a quantum leap for the English luxury SUV. At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show the exclusive STARTECH REFINEMENT program for the British SUV celebrates its world debut. STARTECH, a company in the BRABUS Group, offers a sporty-elegant design program and custom-tailored STARTECH 22-inch wheels in two different designs. In addition, the product portfolio of attractive options also includes a ride-height lowering by about 30 millimeters, engine tuning, a sport exhaust system with electronic sound management and custom interior options. The outstanding quality of all STARTECH components is documented by the one-of-a-kind STARTECH warranty of three years and up to 100,000 kilometers.

The STARTECH aerodynamic-enhancement components for the aluminum body of the new Range Rover generation are characterized by their exclusive looks and more importantly by their unique symbiosis of form and function. The components are manufactured from flexible high-grade PUR-R-Rim plastics to series-production quality standards, guaranteeing perfect fit and smooth surfaces.

2013 Startech Range Rover Front Angle

The STARTECH front fascia replaces the production bumper in its entirety. It lends the SUV a more striking and more dynamic front. And its integrated spoiler reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds, thus optimizing directional stability. The innovative STARTECH lighting system enhances active safety further. Depending on the national certification requirements in the respective country, the STARTECH front element is either fitted with perfectly integrated LED daytime running lights or with LED position lights featuring the identical design. In addition, the new front fascia also houses the smallest LED fog lights currently on the market. In conjunction with the dynamic styling of the aerodynamic-enhancement component this lends the 2013 Range Rover an even more striking front.

Another innovative STARTECH development is the new rear bumper, also designed to replace the production part in its entirety. It combines form and function perfectly as well. The integrated diffuser was shaped to ensure that it doesn't impede the function of the electric trailer hitch that many Range Rover models are equipped with. Distinctively styled exhaust embellishers, harmoniously integrated into the lines of the STARTECH bodywork component, are another thrilling feature. This innovative solution can be combined either with the production exhaust or with the STARTECH stainless-steel sport exhaust system.

The STARTECH engineers also developed a high-tech variant of the exhaust system for the English 4x4. The gear selection wheel in the cockpit allows the driver to alter the exhaust note: in quiet whisper mode even the most powerful supercharged version of the Range Rover is decidedly unobtrusive. The exhilarating sound of the supercharged eight-cylinder comes to life when the sound management selector is set to "Sport" mode.

STARTECH 22-inch alloys play an essential role in the appealing looks of the refined 2013 Range Rover. Owners of this vehicle can choose between the Monostar IV wheel with five spokes in an attractive color combination of gray and polished surfaces, and the STARTECH Monostar R design. This wheel boasts a striking combination of high-sheen flange and black-painted wheel spider. The five wheel spokes have polished contours. Because the spokes extend all the way to the outer edge of the rim well, the Monostar R wheel appears larger than its already impressive 22-inch diameter. Both size 10Jx22 wheels are mounted with high-performance tires in size 295/35 R 22 front and back.

The STARTECH suspension module intervenes in the controls of the air suspension system of the Range Rover and its setting for on-road operations permits a ride-height lowering by about 30 millimeters. The lowered center of gravity makes vehicle handling even safer and more agile. When stationary or in off-road mode, the vehicle remains at the production ride height.

Added peak power and torque is a welcome addition also to the new Range Rover generation that is significantly lighter compared with previous model series.  That's why the STARTECH engine professionals have spent countless hours in elaborate test programs to develop the SD 30S performance upgrade for the new 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 Diesel engine equipped with two turbochargers. The STARTECH tuning kit consists of a computer-controlled auxiliary control module. Thanks to its plug-and-play design, model-specific wire harnesses and detailed installation instructions it can be installed by any authorized Range Rover dealer in less than an hour.

The newly calibrated mapping and a moderate increase in boost pressure bump the rated power output of the diesel engine from standard 190 kW / 258 hp to 221 kW / 300 hp at 4,000 rpm. Even more significant for day-to-day operations is the increase in peak torque from standard 600 Nm to 685 Nm, available from a low 1,950 rpm.

In conjunction with the eight-speed automatic transmission and the lightweight-construction philosophy of the new Range Rover this results in impressive performance: the sprint time from a standing start to 100 km/h of the tuned Range Rover TDV6 is shortened to 7.3 seconds from 7.9 seconds for the production car. Top speed increases from 209 to 220 km/h.

The STARTECH power upgrade for the 4.4-liter V8 Turbodiesel is in the final stages of development.

Another STARTECH domain is the creation of exclusive interiors. They are meticulously crafted by hand in the company upholstery shop, where interiors in any desired color and in any imaginable upholstery design are created from the finest leather and Alcantara to customer preferences. The seat surfaces of the car on display at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show feature a combination of top-stitched black and red leather while the headliner is made from supple Alcantara.

2013 Startech Range Rover Interior

The electrically folding tables that attach to the backs of the front seats with the help of custom-tailored consoles are a proprietary development of STARTECH. The table tops are available in various versions made from fine wood, carbon fibers or wrapped in leather.

The lineup of wood and carbon-fiber trim sets is just as extensive. They can be manufactured in any desired color and with a variety of surface finishes. The car on display in Geneva boasts a particularly sporty center-console styling: the STARTECH interior designers upgrade the surface of the console with a custom-tailored carbon-fiber inlay.

The trunk of the Range Rover was refined with a wood floor sporting a classy yachting design for added contrast.  

In addition, STARTECH also offers exclusive accessories for the interior such as stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit STARTECH logo, aluminum pedals and foot rest as well as high-quality floor mats with color-coordinated or contrasting leather edging.

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