Morgan SP1

The Morgan SP1 (Special Project 1) is a one off, bespoke creation that has been commissioned through the Morgan Special Projects Division. The SP1 represents the true capabilities of Britain's last privately owned car manufacturer and like every Morgan is as individual as its owner.

The SP1 was commissioned as a showcase vehicle to exemplify the impressive craftsmanship and flexibility exhibited in every Morgan car built. Taking inspiration from the 2009 LifeCar concept vehicle, the body has been entirely redesigned with improved prop ortions and a greatly enhanced on - road presence.

The Design

At the heart of the rigid steel chassis is a naturally aspirated 3.7 litre Ford V6 engine, as used in the Morgan V6 Roadster . A new suspension setup, a bespoke Engine Management System and custom sports exhaust enhance the driving dynamics of the SP1. The wooden frame of the coach - built body is constructed u sing Ash W ood , combined with African Bubinga R ed H ardwood chosen by the client to represent his business life spent on that continent.

2014 Morgan SP1 Front Angle

The t onal contrast between these woods is most apparent in the joints that hold each part of the frame together , purposefully left exposed as a reminder of the inherent knowledge accumulated by Morgan craftsmen over 105 years of working with wood.

The aluminiu m body has been hand formed over a wooden ‘egg box' construction , using an English w heel. To ensure structural and aerodynamic excellence, cutting - edge digital design and simulation tools were used to prove surface styling prior to lengthy fabrication.

The sculptural form of the SP1 has been highlighted using a striking multi - coat paint finish. Natural aniline leather is found at each point of contact and will wear and distress with use, maturing with each journey the client undertakes.

The component de tails interact with the driver in a most engaging way - f or example, after the car has been armed electronically, a sequence of roof mounted toggle switches are flicked to ‘prepare for flight' before a final toggle switch starts the engine.

The SP1 featur es an infotainment system, driven through an iPad that has been installed in the fascia and secured by dual hand - stitched leather straps. A reflection of both Morgan's willingness to embrace the future, whilst remaining constant to its coach - built craft ro ots. The SP1 truly celebrates the blend of craftsmanship and technology that Morgan is so famous for, and is the perfect way to launch Morgan Special Projects, encompassing everything that this unique and highly skilled division of Morgan represents.

Source: Morgan

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